Saturday, October 24, 2015

240: snooze

You've got so many plans on tour to-do list. You keep on hoping for the children to take a longer nap, or being so occupied playing that they forget u for hours, so that you have time to catch up with your stuff.

But when you actually being granted that rare moment, like right now, all you want to do is just lay down and close your eyes and forget everything.

k, bye

Monday, October 19, 2015


How cliche, I miss writing.

But if u lack input, how can you hope for output. The violation of law of energy conservation.

I feel the need to attend a structured course, on anything. So that my thinking will get structured again. So that i can think clearly again. Right now my brain is scattering everywhere.

Or maybe i need to have a proper notebook, or planner, or diary, something that i can write on the go. Pfttt what an excuse. Don't i have a very 'smart' phone. Which i'm using right now, updating, in class, while the students are doing the work i gave them...

How can i fully utilise the phone when at home i'm refraining myself from using it due to my children? no phone or laptop or tablet for them..  and at school of course with all the integrity issue?

ahh.. all excuses, but it sure does halting me