Wednesday, June 10, 2015

236: Perception

Our eyes are so easily deceived. Ever heard of optical illusion? Yeah, so easily like that, we are being cheated. But why people are so convinced and masih jadikan hujah dengan apa yang dilihat?

There are so many possible perspective towards something,and truth are so 'big' .. Ilmu Allah itu luas sangat-sangat.

Ilmu yang dikurniakan Allah kpd kita hanya sedikit cuma dan itu bukanlah tiket utk kita menjadi bongkak dan memandang orang lain senget hanya kerana pandangannya berbeza dengan kita.

Rasulullah swt diutuskan utk menyempurnakan akhlak yang mulia. The syariah are all binded in the Quran, but how we act upon it, we have to follow the prophet's way.

La tamsyi fil ardhi maraha.

Janganlah berjalan di atas muka bumi dlm keadaan sombong...

Wa khaliqi nas, bikhuluqil hasan.

Pergaulilah manusia dengan akhlak yang baik ..

And, never stop learning.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

235: munchkins

Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with these 2 daughters. With them, I learn what the word Sabr really means ..

I learn that, parenting is something so easy to have an opinion about, but is actually the hardest thing to 'do'..

I learn that I am learning everyday, and sometimes (or many times) I made mistakes and never am the perfect mom .. But I am the perfect mom for my daughters, and my daughters are the perfect children for me. We truly are learning together about life .. We are the perfect companions ..

There are times when I feel so exhausted and I wish I can turn back time and not having them .. But I am sure I wont be the same person that I am now ..

I pray to Allah that they can be the most beloved abd of Allah and useful to the ummah ..

Sometimes I think my children are so cute and pretty and perfect that I feel so scared it is only that way because Allah will take them away from me sooner than I anticipate.. I am such a paranoid mom..

I just hope whatever Allah has in store for me, and for them, are only so that we are all closer to Him .. I know that will always be the case, He will never abandon us and He only set the best plan for us.. But I just hope i can remember that when the unexpected come..

234: the revival

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Pheww.. 2 years it has been! Do i still have readers here? Do blog readers still exist?

I was thinking to seriously start writing again. So much things are happening and i need to pen my thoughts and reflections.

I haven't stopped writing these few years, just that I think whatever I've written are too personal to be shared publicly.

What I'm looking forward to be shared here insyaAllah for general reflections on life and our deen.

I'm writing not because I know things.. Or that i'm better than others, but I write in the hope of improving myself.

As an INFJ, writing help me straighten my thoughts and validate my feelings.

I just hope to God i can be istiqamah ..

Great, I'm back!