Monday, August 9, 2010


What has changed?

Years passed with all the events in them. All the trials, hardships, smile, laughters and tears, without me realizing it, they changed me.

Mistakes made, hikmah gained.

Life's an art. You can't be rigid in living your life. There's no rules without terms and conditions. There's always space, where ambiguity sits.

I'm glad, actually. I never regret all those tests. (although at that time all i wanted to do was screaming at everyone or just locked myself up).

I ponder on what has become of me. The me right now, is very different from the one who wrote all those emails.. all those blog entries... (can't believe I wrote things like that! so embarrassing~~)

I feel loved.

"Allahumma balighna ramadhan.."

may you always have the will to learn, the will to pick yourself up after a heavy fall...

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