Thursday, January 20, 2011


Time passes surprisingly slower now that I am home. Maybe because of the routines, maybe because of anticipation. I am not sure.

My teaching course will commence next week. Another year of study, uhuhu. Heard a lot of good and bad things about it. But I'd say, "Bring it on.." I want to get it over and done with. Trials and pains are inevitable. You might as well go through it optimistically without missing the other interesting bits in life.

I went to the Southern Gathering last week. It was a pre-departure programme for future students of Australia and New Zealand. I had a mixed feelings. I feel proud (not the bad proud, but a good proud, kind of like motherly proud if you can understand what I mean) that I managed to finish my studies until the honours year. It was a good asset for the ummah. Like it or not, people are looking up to you. Judging everything that you do, everything that you succeed in, everything that you failed at. I managed to prove that a good muslim is a muslim that is also excellent in their studies. Okay, I know that I am not that excellent. I didn't even get first class honours. But oh well.. people don't need to know that.

Anyway, I was also forced to reminiscence my 4 years of Melbourne. It made me miss it. Melbourne. I always emphasize how I love Melbourne. But my final year there wasn't a happy one, truthfully. I spent most days dreading the honours works, being homesick and countingdown till I was home again. But in the pre-departure programme, I needed to share my experience there.. so I told the juniors the interesting and exciting bits in Melbourne. Things I have forgotten I enjoyed. Places that I love to travel to... the beaches.. the clouds .. the walk to uni ... the tranquility ...

Okay, enough. But I do not want to go back there just yet. I am a 'move on' kind of person. Certain people love to say things like "Oh how I miss school and how I wanted to go back.." but for me, yeah, I love my school, but that won't make me want to re-live my secondary school years. I am moving on, appreciating what I have experienced, and live... towards new adventures and lessons that Allah has set for me.

To all my PPC batch mates, selamat kembali belajar :))))

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