Thursday, September 15, 2011

223: So, this is goodbye then


Like what people always say.. "Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end"

So today is my last day here in SMK Tmn Bukit Indah. At last the practicum is coming to an end. And Alhamdulillah everything's done and classes in maktab will resume next week. No more stressful observation and critics. No more looooooong rph.

I had my last class with 4A (Physics) on Tuesday, Aisyah and I ordered some cakes (choc marshmallow, and tiramisu cake) and blueberry cheese tarts for them but due to unforeseen circumstances, only half of the class who were willing to stay back can taste the delicious treat.

One of the student gave me this, there are some gifts inside. Thank you Nabilla.. :)

And for 4E, my last class with them (Mathematics) was yesterday. I was planning to merajuk with them, not belanja them anything... but I found that I'm too soft-hearted haha. So I bought them a chocolate bar for each student. And I asked them to write anything for me and those writings/drawing truly made my day although I know some of them were just 'bodek'ing me... Half of the class are chinese, the other half are indians and 2 malay students.

Some honorary mentions:

"Saya suka matematik. Tetapi lebih kepada cikgu. Cikgu Matematik sangat cantik. Maths sebenarnya senang, tapi sangat susah. Selama ini saya sudah naik pressure. Kalau boleh kita chat dalam facebook"

"Cikgu Maimunah sangat bagus mengajar matematik. Dia mengajar matematik dengan teknik yang boleh difahami dengan senang. Walaupun matematik susah sangat bagi saya tetapi selepas cikgu Maimunah mengajar matematik sekarang bagi saya senang sikit. Saya berdoa agar cikgu maimunah mengajar di sekolah yang bagus dan menjadi pakar matematik"

"Welcome to 4 Elok! See you again, good bye!...."

"My name is Cheng Hui. I'm fine. Are you okay? May I help you? Math is very easy but I don't like Math due to no mood!!"

"Saya suka kelas math but don't do the exercise. I don't understand math but this exam I am pass so thanks for teacher. I miss you and never forget you"

"Math is very easy but english got little hard"

"Selama 2 bulan cikgu ajar saya ttg math, ada peningkatan pada diri saya. First time saya lulus dalam ujian. Saya takkan lupa jasa baik cikgu. Cikgu kadang2 agak kelaka. Memang best and happylah belajar dengan cikgu. Apa yang cikgu ajar saya mudah faham ada juga tak faham hehehe. Semoga cikgu bahagia, ceria selalu!"

"Tq for teacher this few month teaching let me get a good marks in pertengahan tahun exam. Before that m no interest in Math. But after teacher teaching I can understand what teacher is teaching in Math. Teacher is a friendly and nice speaking person with us. Hope teacher will come back teach again in this class. Thank you teacher"

"Di kelas matematik ada seorang cikgu yang happy best baik peramah. Cikgu mengajar memang baik je tak ada marah-marah macam cikgu lain. dan cikgu lawa juga! hehehe ^^ dan semoga bahagia selalu dan murah rezeki. Thanks cikgu sebab mengajar saya dalam kelas ini :D"

Thank you 4A and 4E for cooperating (and not cooperating) with me throughout this practicum. I learn a lot these past 2 and half months.. knowing myself more and more while I dealt with all of you. Thank you for the memories too! Dare to dream big, you will achieve it!


So... bye SMKTBI ... I hope I'll get posted at better school, with students who actually want to learn even though they are weak. Baru tak rasa sia-sia belajo tinggi2 sampai ostralia. Ni buat habis suara dan tenaga je tiap kali masuk 4E sebab most students memang mindset taknak belajar.

Souvenir for all teachers from Aisyah & I

I hope I'll be a better teacher in the future. More patient and more hikmah in dealing with students like them. I know it's my role to motivate and inspire them... but sometimes the workload are just too much for teachers... even teachers need help, support and motivation, dalam banyak-banyak segi. Barulah boleh mengoptimumkan tenaga untuk kemajuan pelajar bukan saje dari segi akademik... but more importantly their spiritual and emotional intellects.

Oklah... all the best to all students.

As for me, I'll be having my RMIT graduation this weekend in KL! at last, graduating with the topi. Haha. Ok just kidding... what I appreciate about this moment most is the fact that I can celebrate it with my loved one.. especially my husband, and my parents. I've attended graduation in the past without them (parents je la masa tu, sbb tak kawen lg).. agak sedih juga la.. although my dad keep on saying "Buat apela nak konvo-konvo ni.. abah dulu tak attend pun convo.." heheh... but I still want it! Alhamdulillah... I'll be graduating with Honours in Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) from the RMIT University, Victoria, Australia (aah.. I miss Melbourne....).

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal...

We can be the happiest woman in the world if we allow ourselves to feel content, syukur, and beramal sebaiknya untuk 'wajhullah" .... fahami dan mengerti dengan nilai dunia yang sebentar cuma... memahami hakikat akhirat yang selama lama lama lamanya!

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