Thursday, October 27, 2011

225: Beautiful

You know what I suddenly miss?

Proving an equation.

Third year Electrodynamics.

I'm not sure whether I can still remember how, though. Nearly two years since I left it without any revision.

But I sure remember the satisfying and wonderful feeling you get when you finally arrive at the last line of the loooong proof (can be few pages long mind you~) successfully without error or careless mistake .. hence this is equal to THIS. #proven!

It doesn't matter how messy the working is. You'll feel terrified and anxious. "This doesn't look right". "Is this supposed to be this ugly and long??" "I'm stuck I'm stuck".... but when you keep going and doing it slowly and carefully... suddenly your equation got more and more neat until you come to the last bit... beautiful. #proven!

Sheshhh... I don't know why I'm writing this either.


Uwa said...

meh tolong kak uwa buat kire kire untuk subject advance wireless.
Susah sangat! tak reti lansung.. tgok buku pun asyik nampak symbol symbol yang nak sebut pun xreti hahahahha..

imang! said...

ha kite pon rindu! bile dah tulis "proven" kat line last sekali rasa puas sgt haha. tp skrg sume tu dah lupe. nak ajar hikmat trigo pun merangkak2

Anonymous said...

miss you too!!!

How's everything...hope you are doing just great...

seram rasanya nk bersalin...tgk documentary sampai menangis..begitu susah...doakn eh muna semoga semua berjalan dgn lancar..

nanti awk dtglh tgk baby kt eh insyaAllah=)

will update you more=)