Monday, July 6, 2015

237: transient

I was browsing and selecting photos from my undergrad years in Melbourne when it struck me .. few people I met during my journey there have actually departed from this world. One of them was my age,  another one was 2 years my junior.

They died.  It is so strange using that word. Death.  We know we are not immortal yet, it never fails to make us feel  vulnerable whenever one of us is touched by death.

We felt like we were on top of the world,  we became the selected fews who managed to secure the overseas scholarship. We felt like we were meant to be someone,  somebody important to the world,  and yet,  and yet one of us died.

.. and i came back home, and still i am nobody.

What defines a person? 

That short period of euphoric Melbourne moments, what is the purpose?

From Him we came,  and to Him we will return.

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