Thursday, March 5, 2009

72: Physics, there you go

Our Quantum Mechanics lecturer wears the same shirt and pants for 3 consecutive days. (We think he lives in his office, literally). Our Statistical Physics lecturer wears the same shirt for 2 consecutive days. Good thing tomorrow's classes are cancelled. I cannot make the measurement. The only information that we have about anything is our measurement. And only that! And when we measure something, it's impossible that we do not change the state of the object being measured. The expectation probability of them wearing the same shirt tomorrow is...?

"Kenapa semua physicists pelik-pelik?!" -my friend


I don't understand the physics behind all the working the lecturer did at the front...

Physics is getting more and more philosophical ....
or is it mathematical?


"One will realize that the fact that our eyes are sensitive to frequency in the range ~500nm is no accident! I believe it is evolution ... " -My Astrophysics lecturer

(Since the sun's peak frequency from blackbody radiation is at ~500nm..)

She disappointed me. When she said 'it is no accident'.. I was hopeful she'll say something like the power of God or something related. But then.. "I believe it is evolution". So disappointing and mengesiankan.


One week of lectures. There you go.


Nor Fadzlina Nawi said...

I know what u mean..

Anyway, I have a friend back in my school days, who wore the same baju melayu throughout the week for Solat (or so, I thought). Later I found out that he had 3 of the same coloured baju melayu. Tak taulah kalau he's bluffing. Seems viable...he..he..he

SaufiahAzZahrah said...



Aliya K said...

munah. hari selasa hari tu aya pekse fizik..
soalannye x semudah yg dsangka.. huhu..

imang said...

munah, my boss wears the same shirt for 3 days straight too. he's far from being a physicist and he's in MALAYSIA, HOT malaysia. hahaha

muna khaider said...

Kak Fazlina..
hehe.. tapikan org tu pakai seluar purple.. impossible je he has the same pair of pants.. huhu, boleh jadi juga.. tak husnuzhon langsung saye nih!

Kak Sopi..
Kak Sopiiiiiiii... rindu nak dengo suara akak.. hahaha.. boleh x?

fizik tak semudah yg kusangka jugak!

Haha.. dia ada tokoh jadi physicist tu!!