Friday, January 1, 2010

148: Transition

I misplaced the transfer cable for my camera. Hence I cannot rely on pictures to update this time around.

Yes, I'm staying here in Melbourne for the rest of summer break, waiting for the commencement of my Honours year . 2 months left.

Oh, It's a new year.

On 31 December, one year ago, I went back to Malaysia. On 1st January 2009, I reached home.


It's 1 January 2010.

At 12 midnight the fireworks started. This is my first time experiencing new year here. At first, the loud noises didn't register to me. I thought something went wrong, terrorist attack or something. It took a couple of minutes before I realized "Ah, new year". Then I took a peek outside the window, the colourful fireworks lighted up the night sky. I went to bed just after 10 seconds. I lost interest in looking at fireworks. It deepen my longing for home. How can I forget our annual event? We switched off the light at abah n mama's room. Then everyone gathered at the huge window. Enjoying the fireworks of new years, of national days, right from home.

Last night, the 'firing' took exactly 10 minutes. For the good 10 minutes, I felt so uneasy. Since I was on the bed, I just listened to the sounds the fireworks made. And it was scary. I was imagining how was it like for the children, at war? The bombing usually lasts more than 10 minutes.. sometimes it took days. No surprise if you ended up with some sort of psychological sicknesses.

Please stop, please stop..


I'm 70 percent sure I'm going to RMIT for Honours. The other 30 percent? I don't know. We haven't received any reply from Melbourne uni. Maybe after January the 4th. When the uni opens again.

Comparing the course at the 3 unis I'm applying at, RMIT's looks more 'handleable'. Mostly research project. No course work related to 4th year Physics, it seems. Just what I need. Unlike Melbourne uni, I will have to do four 4th year level physics, and in Monash, six!. Truthfully, I don't have big dreams in Physics. I don't want to waste my brain neurons on complicated stuff anymore. In teaching, maybe.. but not in Physics. I leave that to other deserving Physics geniuses.


2009. Try describing your 2009 in just one word.

For me, it is "Emotional"

Wait, wait. Can I have another go? Maybe it is "Soul searching" Hey that's two!

Hmm.. I don't know. I can't describe it with only one word.


I need to updates with pictures to help me write.

I think, this is sufficient for an update eh?

Nothing much really. Just uncertainties. Lots of it.

Then, tawakalna alallah..

Semoga Allah memimpin setiap saat dengan hidayah-Nya.


I want to write whatever happened in 2009, but when I write them in my mind, most of them are too personal. Not worth sharing here publicly. I miss my best friend. Let's talk about what happened last year. I love to share them, but not here.


Seriously, sangat banyak nikmat atas diri ini. Stop whining.

Alhamdulillah, I graduated on the 17th of December. I have a degree now!
On the 18th, my sister gave birth to our first nephew, Khayrat. Congratulation to parents.. and tok mak n tok abah nye :)
On the 22nd Dec, I received both Monash and RMIT offers.

Bahagienye hidup.

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

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