Saturday, April 24, 2010

158: Dulu

Something that made me smile today..

"I need to study hard… excel in Advanced Placement, n get a place in Uni of Melbourne. It doesn’t matter whether I can really go or not. I just want a place there. To prove that I really can…" - written on 5th March 2006

"I really am praying for miracle.. that somehow I’ll get band 5 for the paper. That somehow, the universities don’t care about AP… that somehow, I am accepted to University of Melbourne."
- 6th May 2006

"I took 5 forms; from 5 universities.. there are University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia, Monash University, University of Sydney and University of Adelaide. My first choice is Uni of Melbourne. My last choice is Uni of Adelaide… " - 29th July 2006

"Right now I am so worried, because I haven’t received my AP result yet. If I didn’t get the result, I have no chance of going to Uni of Melb. (yes, the representative said so). I want my result! I don’t care anymore how much I get, I just want the transcript, photostate it and mail it to IDP. So that at least I have some hope.. on Uni of Melb. Oh, I will be very dissapointed… very-very-very dissapointed…. yela, after all the troubles that I went through when I sat for the AP." - 17th August 2006

"This morning I got a call from IDP Australia (the agent that handles our applications) and guess what? I have received a conditional offer from the University of Melbourne"
-29th Sept 2006

"Alhamdulillah I’ve got full offer from the Uni of Melbourne. InsyaAllah, I will go to KL this wednesday, to settle a couple of things with the ministry and also IDP…"
- 27th Nov 2006

"Everything’s gonna be fine.. I guess the next entry will be posted from Melbourne.. jika umur masih panjang… InsyaAllah.." - 10th Feb 2007

Ego nye diriku dulu...



Owner said...

Allahu akbar!

Macam baru semalam je enrol kat IKAL. Those years looked unbearable back then.

Sekarang ni dah nak habis study. Mai pun dah nak habis honors, insyaAllah.

Dalam tempoh 2006-2010 ni, kalau nak kira nikmat, ketukan hidayah, sedih, gembira, terselamat daripada fail subject yang yakin 100% fail dan lain-lain, memang tak terkira. Itu baru 4 tahun, belum kira dari 1987 lagi.

Allahu akbar!

muna khaider said...

tak sangka kan. Dah 4 taun. U urself must have lots to tell. Update la blog.