Saturday, May 1, 2010

159: Honours?

That's building 14.. School of Applied Physics

Works are piling up without me realizing it. That's why I repeatedly said that Honours year is not for me. No timetable, no schedule, you have to have such self-discipline to make sure you're on top of everything. Lagi-lagi di RMIT yg agak lay back berbanding Monash n Melbourne Uni...

Paper review in 2 weeks time. 10 papers need to be reviewed. I am so blurred by all these. Am not sure how am I supposed to do it. No proper guidelines. Ended up bothering the supervisor all the time.

I have one week to do as much MATLAB as possible. Visualization of 5 different instances related to Electrodynamics.. visualisation count: 0.8 (boley tak? because for the first one, it looks alright except the fact that i can't get the animation to work)

For my project, I need to redo the Dynamic Light Scattering procedure which takes hours because I forgot to edit the viscosity of the sample the first time round. One silly mistake and need to redo everything all over again sigh. Then I need to do some measurement using the Scanning Electron Microscope. Am so excited like a kid! Last week I had this training session and I was so jakun I printed so many micrographs of different parts of my sample... trainer tu macam.. "er.. okay2 you can do that no problem at all". Hey tak perlu kot..

The facility situated at level 7 and its a newly renovated part of applied physics building.. sangat lawa and sophisticated with many rooms with glass wall .. and only certain authorised people je can access and I know many people are authorised tapi bila the scanner detected my own swipe card with 2 beeps (kalau 5 beeps maknenye tak authorised).. oh my what joy.. jakun habes... then masuk dengan bangganya.

I feel so matang when I can discuss with my supervisor and his collegues.."i did this measurement and it turns out that bla bla bla... because of bla bla bla... and I think it's due to bla bla bla..." ..and they actually listen and agree or disagree and giving their thought as well.... I'm no longer an undergrad student who only nods and takes in whatever the lecturer has to say... I am a researcher! a real physicist.. wah. (perasan.. its good for the confidence :p )

Okay, selesai sudah banjiran huruf berkaitan honours :)

Lama tak cerita banyak kat sini...


Alif said...

You sound like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

I'm sure you'll get through all that because you always did.

May Allah help you through.

nadia al-akmal said...

I'm happy for you. Sounds everything is going well... except for the assignments (how we dread of having one). May all your experiments be going well Muna, insya'Allah! :)

Aneesah said...

Haha, true, you sound legit, like a real Physicist now! ;D All the best Mai!

muna khaider said...

terime kasih semua :))

aneesah, only LIKE kan.. bukan betul :p ala.. boleh la.. i throw some physics jargon here and there.. tadaa.. walaupun even myself bukan faham sgt :p

nadiaaa.. you understand honours more than yours truly. Honours year is cruel huhuhu. But ANU's must be more challenging! All the best to you too dear Nadia. Smg kita semua akan dpt honours tu at the end of the year biiznillah insyaAllah..

alif.. pfft, sheldon?? at least I still can draw the line between physics and real life huh.