Sunday, June 13, 2010


The internet used to be so private. I mean, I never had to be so paranoid if this or that person will read whatever crap I write.

I started blogging 7 years ago, when I was in form 4. At that time, barely any of my friends know what a blog is. Yahoo messenger's users were so scarce too. My online friends were mostly people I've never met; penpals and people that shared interests. Friends at school were busy studying biology, physics or all the school subjects while I indulged myself in HTML and CSS tutorials, website making tips, different blogging platforms, photoshop for hours and hours etc2 but php was beyond me I could never comprehend the tute (and never tried again after I finished school and started to get busy with the real life.. :p).

So, then, no one close to me really knew me (ironic nye, the real me was the one online...)..and I was happy with that. I mean, I never had to care if my school friends suddenly stumbled upon my blog since most of them didn't even have internet connection at their home, at that time.. I rarely finished my school work. After I came back from school, everyday, I'd spent hours on the computer. Or if I got the mood, I would draw.

The point of this post is? evident, isn't it? It's harder to write nowadays.

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nadia al-akmal said...

But now you can reblog with tumblr. :P

p/s: It is harder to write for me too nowadays.