Sunday, January 24, 2016


I wish I blogged more often. Its 2016, wow. I've been blogging since I was in form four (2003) or maybe earlier. I found that blogging is not for others. When I reread my archives, I learn more about myself and I reflect a lot. Blogging is for me, to help myself. But if it's helping others too, then I consider that as a bonus!

In some post before I have written how my thoughts are scattering everywhere. They are still like that, right now. I haven't come back from the soul searching mission yet. Havent found the correct formula, or my 'aha!' moment. I pray to Allah He will never abandon me, I know He wont, I wish I will always bear that in mind.

That everything happens in His will.


oh but then I have to cut short this post since the 2 year old Yusra has asked me to change her diaper.


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