Tuesday, February 16, 2016

244: Hysterical

I should be diligent in documenting my experiences in school. I should, but to find the moment to actually sit down and write is something so rare.

Sementara ada rare moment ni, baiklah saya update.

Yesterday I had a class with the most challenging class for me this year, the 2B3. The boys are hyperactives and cannot stop talking, finding faults of friends and end up fighting, like all the times. The girls are pleasant, however, that is a relief.

There is this one boy who until now is sulking with me. Merajok aduhai... lelaki emosi. It started few weeks ago when he sat at the back of the class not doing anything that I asked the whole class to do. His note book was so clean and clear. His activity book is also unopened, padahal we were discussing few pages already. Jadi saya bertukarlah kepada singa, naturally. I was holding a huge makmal ruler used to point to the slides in front. Because I was mad, I hit the boy's table with the ruler coincidently hitting his book, resulting with a torn page! (Thats why it was very dangerous holding things when you are unstable emotionally). Then, this boy started sulking. Merajuk. Semua salah cikgu. Afterwards when I saw him, he refuses to look at me, He said he has thrown out all his Science books because I tore a page of his never-written-on book. Everything is teacher's fault. Sebab cikgu saya tak boleh belajar. Cikgu dah koyakkan buku saya. Hmm.. geram tak. What an attitude, never want to see own fault. Keep on blaming others. Since then whenever I saw him, although he refuses to look at me, I membebel nontop at him. Awak tak nak belajar, awak yang rugi. Cikgu tak rugi. Cikgu sampai bila-bila akan cuba sedayanya mengajar semua sama rata. Awak yang pilih nak belajar atau tidak. Nak salahkan cikgu atau terima kesalahan sendiri.

Anyway, back to my real intention of writing, nak cerita about yesterday's class. The topics is about Sound and Hearing. So I had to explain about sound. What is sound? Sound is vibration. So I told them to say 'aaaaa' while putting their hand on their throat. Can they feel the vibration? So, these guys just love the opportunity to make noises. I only asked them to say 'aaa' casually, but it ended up become a scene full of hysterical people screaming at the top of their lungs "AAAAAA!!!!". The whole school was shocked, mind you. Teacher from the class next door even went out and peek into my class, worrying whether a fight was going on.

Later after I finished the class I met one student. Cikgu, tadi cikgu ngaja ke? Ada budak kene histeria ke?

Oh well, I just hope the class at least remember the point of the activity was to show that sound is vibration.

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Uwa said...

tapi memang menduga emosi juga jadi cikgu ni ek