Thursday, February 23, 2017

251: Going with the flow

I don't know why,  but this year, work suddenly gets so hectic. I barely have time to catch my breath after each class,  there are thousands of stuff that i need to do. My brain is also constantly thinking about so many things. I feel so tired but i cannot stop.

My only rest time is my night sleep when the kids are already asleep.  Like right now..  But the mind still refuses to shut down. Thinking about the observation on sunday,  need to prepare the toolkits for it, science competition for 2 classes that need to be finalised by wednesday, the prep,  the script, the shooting...  Thinking about lesson planning, what to do each day,  what to bring each day, thinking about the kids..  How they havent fully recover from their cough and flu yet but still being sent to school,  guilt feeling.. Thinking about why is it so hard for yusuf to doze off...

And i terdoze off for few seconds just now... I guess its time..

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Aneesah said...

Mai, I had the same issue with brain tak nak tido at night! Even though I work from home & macam sangat tak perlu pun stress out about the little things.

In the end what helped we was literally – entertainment. I watched kiddie movies with my son, even on a weeknight, and found that perhaps escapism has its merits. Kadang2 kita susah nak tenang in the day-to-day grunt & a little break gives a lot!