Wednesday, April 12, 2017

252: Harsh Reality

Hati sangat sayu hari ini. How could I teach the students the same way again? I can never look at the group of students without feeling disgusted and angry..  And sad. Mostly sad,  kot.

Somehow we knew that one of them did the unthinkable! A form 2 boy with form 1 girl! And they were both willing. God,  they are just a little kid! Anggap macam kanak2 sbb sememangnya perangai and attitude macam kanak2. But the way they reacted to this issue pun mcm kanak2.  How fast the gossip reaches everyone due to social media. And how destructive the technology is.

The children need proper sexual education. Parents need to prepare for their children,  because if they didn't , the children will learn faster from their friends,  from social medias,  from explicit content it or not,  its happening.  The topics shouldn't be a taboo to be discussed openly.

Sayunya..  😢

And how scary..  Ya Allah,  peliharalah maruah dan kehormatan keluargaku,  zuriat2ku.. Ni'mal maula wa ni'mannasir..

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