Tuesday, June 3, 2008

13: Alasan

This is my favorite building in uni. It's so lawo. So castle-like. Reminds me of my dream when I was in school. I've always wanted to study overseas because I want to study in a uni that has harry-potter-like building... heh.. Zaman mude-mude dulu~ I never thought I can get over my obsession with Harry Potter.. tetapi berjaya juga :)

One of my lepak-place at uni before going into lecture hall. Mendamaikan, dan sejuk! (sekarang la.. mase summer panas kot!).

"Muna, kalau nak amek gambo gini, kene guna DSLR la... "

huhu.. one of my friend said to me when she saw all the pictures I captured.. huhu.
Fasbir, Muna! heh. Nantila, satu hari bila sudah bersedia~ heh.

Actually I have to study. I'm searching for alasan demi alasan not to study.. tadi berbual with family, ngan abah, ngan mama, ngan uswah, ngan hanaa, ngan nuha~

But I guess now I've ran out of alasan sudah.

Oh Muna, silalah study!!

Yosh!! Bermujahadahlah!!!

Ops, solat maghrib dulu :)


hafiz238 said...

I like that building. The design is beautiful and reminds me of medieval time :).

good luck for your coming exam.

Aneesah said...

:D Totally Hogwarts-like! Look at those arches, so cool! ^__^

I'm running out of alasans also. Heh. Nice drawing! :)

muna khaider said...

hafiz: thank you. and for ur exam too!

aneesah: Cooool kan? hehe.. mmg macam hogwarts.. suka berangan kat situ ;) .