Sunday, November 16, 2008

52: Futile attempt

This is Chesty who was frustrated at her futile attempts to get into my room. Sorry Chesty, I'm still feeling uncomfortable with adult cats in the room ... kittens ok lagi.

And this is me.. frustrated at her futile attempts to study without losing focus.

My first paper in 2 days time. Oh, everyone else is either finishing their exam or happily smiling,contented, back in Malaysia..

Oh Allah, never let me go.


hafiz238 said...

good luck with the exam. Insha-Allah you will do well.

Anonymous said...

she likes ur bed soooo much..haha =P -dinot-

muna khaider said...

mr farami, i would recommend living in the city itself. You'll be close to all amenities.. public transport is very reliable here.. so whenever you want to go to beach, or parks, just hop on the tram or train..(or can even walk to some). I've never lived in any suburb, so I cannot really recommend any suburb to you.. but brunswick/coburg is one of the popular choices since makanan halal/ kedai islam and many other shopping places yang best are situated there.. best as in CHEAP not branded :) .

thanks for visiting my blog and do keep on visiting!

Anonymous said...

am a fan now. U had me at hello. :)

muna khaider said...

er.. hello?

Anonymous said...

its a phrase from jerry mcguire, the movie with tom cruise in it. a famous line, i may add. in our on-line communication context, it means i was taken or blown away by your writing right from your first entry. Your 'hello' to the visitors so to speak. So, you had me at (your) hello. And have a been a fan ever since.