Wednesday, December 3, 2008

53: Summer in Melbourne

Salam all. Wah, sudah lama tidak ku update ruangan ini. Exam ended around 2 weeks ago. I've been avoiding thinking about it. Personally, the last paper was the hardest paper ever for me. I didn't understand the concept so well, ended up memorising all the solution.. and went blank in the exam hall. NOT GOOD.

Anyway, I'm going to spend half of my summer holiday here in Melbourne. Interesting? So far so good. I'm not feeling so well right now, so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Summer in Melbourne.

Taken while studying for my second paper in the library. Listened to imeem using library laptop. Study tak menjadi sangat.

Hujan batu berlaku in the middle of exam period. Jakun sket. Ni atas bumbung dapur, taken from my bedroom window.

The kittens. 4 of them. From left: Husky Dusky, Lollipop, Cloud and Sky.

Husky, comel saat tidur sahaja.

My lovely sky. Tidur dalam posisi yang pelik.

Makcik baik on the bus in Greensborough.

Melbourne Central Station, platform 1. To Hurstbridge/Epping.

Junction, Pelham St/Elizabeth St.

Masjid Beddoe of Monash Uni, Clayton.

College Square. I used to live here.

The tram stop nearest to my house. Stop here for Pelham St, okay!

Langit yang cantik, di picnic area park ape ye.. in Epping.

Lake and sky. Same venue as above.

The road taken..

I took a similar photo years back:

In 2005.

Rougher terrain ahead :)
Perlu lebih kuat kerana hidup makin sukar. So true.
Moga lebih matang yo!
Dan lebih serius!

"Umat yang berjuang tidak mengenal selain bersungguh-sungguh"
who can guess who said the above quote?

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.
Looking forward to explore more of Melbourne. Around 1 year left. I love Melbourne, really. Am gonna miss it.


Anonymous said...

excuse me.husky sentiasa comel ok! salam dr msia =P -dinot-

muna khaider said...

i miss you.. huhu..
unfortunately i dun have ur number la.. walaupun same kan mcm hr tu??
can u sms me or sthg :D thanksss..
tdi hanto kak pnut g airport..
huhu.. semua org da balik~