Saturday, December 27, 2008

57: Sayang Sama Summer

And suddenly, 4 days to go!

I'm glad I stay longer before going back. Apart from the wonderful weather (only the past few days the temperature started to rise), I am quite satisfied with all the things I managed to go through.

Attending graduations, summer camp, katibahs, jalan-jalan (to Phillip Island, to GOR), Adelaide, rewang and small makan2 for family yang dtg for graduation, boxing day shopping, visiting friends at the ladang tempat kerja, plenty of times for reading, and so on and so forth.

Makes me think, though. With all the events that I went through, do I try to extract anything and have I improved?

Tak mahu segalanya berlalu dengan sia-sia.

All the lesson learnt. Moga diamal.

Apa gunanya buat segala, berjalan ke sana, ke mari, memory card penuh with pictures, memory otak penuh with pengalaman, experience, .. dan hanya dibiarkan dalam memory? tak ke sia-sia?

After all, it's not what you know that is counted, but it's your amalan.

Anyway, can't wait to reach Malaysia.

1st January 2009, 8.40 am at Senai Airport! See you there InsyaALLAH.

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