Sunday, April 12, 2009

84: So much for a break

It's easter break. 

Ada Islamic Conference just 5 mins away. (Dah habis.. huhu sedih tak dpt nak join semua~ sempat ikuti beberapa sahaja on the first day).
Ada autumn gathering somewhere 3 hours away.  (Allambee camp, eh)
Ada hari-hari yang free from classes.

But I'm stuck here, struggling to finish my lab report. 
By hook or by crook kene siap malam ni jugak! (or pagi~) 

Procrastination kills.
It's killing me. 

Masa itu kan kehidupan.

Esok, submit the report pepagi buta, then... off to Dandenong!
(And please don't forget to bring along your 4 assignments, okay dear?)


So long, my friends ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum saudari muna

semoga dirahmati.

saya mohon sangat2 for my comments on Nov16 2008 in your blog to be removed completely. i commented on your photos of melbourne in your entry titled 'futile attempts'. i was abt to hijrah ke victoria and am now doing PhD at RMIT.

The reason for asking the removal is that the comments automatically appear each time anybody google my name. I am a researcher and ppl try to look at my body of work but i have been getting questions from ppl abt the comments i made in your blog. Its extremely uncomfortable and I dont want them to get wrong ideas and worse, mendatangkan fitnah.

Pls, saudari Muna, please remove them.

i'd really appreciate it.

terima kasih teramat.

sorry i cant type my name here as it too will appear in google.