Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sometimes, after so many events happened, all sort of feelings involved, much elaboration needed, you expect yourself to have so much to say, so much to tell, so much to complain, so much, so much, so much.. but in the end, all you manage (which is what it should be in the first place) is ALHAMDULILLAH.

No matter how hard the situations are, or how happy something makes you feel.. you will realize that all of them are blessings, sometimes (or most of the time) in disguise. Although usually it takes you tooooo long to realize that. To accept. Sabar, taslim dan redha... Hmm.



Allahumma ahyiyna bil iman.. wa amitna bil iman..

Ya Allah, hidupkan kami dalam keadaan beriman.. dan matikan kami dalam keadaan beriman.

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aulia9 said...

Salam, a woman we got feelings of our own...Sometimes it needed 2 be poured out...!!?! Do visit my blog coz there's something 4 u to gain! At least I shared my xperienced n there's a lot more to burst out!Just hit it in a righteous path!