Friday, June 5, 2009

99: Point-forming

Don't feel like writing much, since there are lots of study to do.
Let's POINTFORMING ;) .. not chronologically tau, because I will just jot down whatever comes out from my mind.
  • Went back to Malaysia for 6 days and now am back again in Melbourne
  • Just submitted TWO assignments. No more after this. Alhamdulillah!!!
  • First paper is on the 16th June. 11 days to go!
  • Cerita majlis Uswah & Suhaib boleh didapati di blog aya, piah and amad. Gambo? Banyak di facebook Uswah & Suhaib sendiri. Sila stalk!
  • I was stranded at the LCCT for 8 hours! plane delayed. And Suhaib was so kind not to wait with me. Heh. Tried to do assignments, failed miserably! Ended up eating lots and spending unnecessarily.
  • The plane encountered quite a heavy turbulence. The woman beside me searched for my hand panickly and hold it so tightly. I was ... speechless. We were strangers. Different races. Not a word spoken to each other before. It left me thinking, ... and menginsafkan. I guess, when we really realize that we're going to die, nothing matters anymore, fitrahnya manusia yang perlukan As-Somad. 
  • I need to start studying!
  • Yang penting, komunikasi berkesan. Kena usaha. I have trouble with TALKING. Yes. Mumbles. 
  • Another post to 100! (heh, can't believe I'm one of those people :p no offence)
  • I realize something BIG today. Inspired. Awakened. Shaken to the core. 


~my lil angel~ said...

yeay muna dah balik! yeay yeay! muna dah balik!



Oh My Photoblog! said...


Good luck for ur exams. I like this post sebab:

1. Guna dot points- senang nak baca, straight to the point dan tersusun. Macam ni la science stream student.

2. Rasa macam tengah menjerit2 masa baca. Bersemangat. Berapi.