Friday, October 23, 2009


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Jackson is our Electrodynamics textbook.


One Jackson problem takes an average of 1.5
weeks to finish. Most of this time is often spent
working on the first part of a multipart problem.
An approximate breakdown of the timeline of
solving a Jackson problem is:

Days 1-2: Arguing about what exactly the
problem is asking, what assumptions to
make, why the problem can’t be done as
stated, why Mathematica cannot handle the
integral, why Jackson probably didn’t do
any of these problems, why the intial 10
pages of algebra failed to deliver the
correct answer.

Day 3: Rechecking the 10 pages of algebra
for a missing minus signs and factors of 2.

Day 4: Starting the problem over the exact
same way as before since it is not clear
where the algebra mistake came from.

Day 5: Discussing with the professor and
realizing the problem is not as easy/hard as
previously thought and that 4 days were
wasted doing the problem the wrong way.

Day 6: Reworking the problem this new
way: 13 pages of Algebra.

Day 7: Realizing this new way didn’t work
either, and discussing with professor why it
was wrong. After getting an extension and
“knowing” the correct way to do the
problem, swearing it will get done

Day 8: After working 15 pages of Algebra,
you realize that a minus sign was left out
on page 2. Reworking all of it, you are off
by a factor of 2 from the expected answer.
Going back and reworking, you find the
missing factor on page 3 of 16. The first
part of a 3 part problem is now done. No
other homework or research was done
today (or the past 5 days).

Day 9: Part b is not as hard, but still takes 6
pages of Algebra.

Day 10: Part c takes 2 pages of algebra and
a page of words trying to answer a
conceptual question that no one cares about
at this point.

Day 11: Turn in the homework assignment,
and reflect on how much was learned and
how horrible the problem was. It takes 24
pages total.


Felt good when you realize you're not alone, except the first part. It takes more than 2 days for me, to just nak memahamkan the question..And also I'm not as diligent.. siap jumpe lecturer n argue2.. huhu


Dr Mom said...

Masha Allah..dasatnyer assignment!!!
semoga dipermudahkan

-kak aliya-

muna khaider said...

jazakillah khayr Kak Aliya!

huhu, it wasn't that bad actually.. ana je yg malas senanye nak memerah otak.. huhu.