Wednesday, October 28, 2009

129: Lifetime

Something that made us all laugh today, despite the stress and the tense atmosphere of revising for exam.

The lifetime of a particle is similar to that of human. The fatter it is (refering to the linewidth), the shorter the lifetime. You see, the principal is never violated quantum mechanically and classically.

A kejam joke. Tapi able to make us all smile. It's refreshing to realize that all these nerdy looking students are still able to smile. Haha.

Tak kelakar? nasibla.

Anyway, doakan semoga segala dipermudah. I have a scientific journal due tomorrow at midnight. Barely started the introduction. It's a wonder how we can type so much for a blog entry in just a couple of mins. How to make it work just as much for a journal eh?

Jika Allah mentakdirkan sedemikian, insyaALLAH I'll be graduating this December. (Ya Allah let me pass all the subjects, amin!). Its a surreal feeling. I'm graduating. And sungguh tak sangka.. last week we had our last lectures. And, I was pondering. 'This is my last lecture in my undergrad year... but I don't think I know any physics at all!!'

(er suddenly teringin nak tulis banyak..but....)

After the last paper I'll have plenty of time InsyaAllah. I'm not going back. My family won't be here (T_T.. masih mengharap, tapi I'm okay je). So, tulis banyak-banyak lepas habis exam la kot Mai eh? Not now, not now, definitely not now!

Okay, miss the family at home. Doakan munah. Doakan munah. Doakan munah.


29 Oct - Observational Astrophysics journal due
02 Nov - X-Ray Diffraction & Analysis report due
16 Nov - Electrodynamics exam
23 Nov - Atomic Molecular and Solid State Physics exam
26 Nov - Sub-Atomic Physics exam
11 Dec - Result released
17 Dec - Graduation ceremony


V ^_^ v said...

haha biasalah tu munmun, bila bnyk kerja semua benda nak buat...tapi tgklh nanti bila dah free...bende yang belambak nk buat tyme sibuk terus malas n tk kuasa pun tk buat....muahahahahahaha...

all the best!!!!

wah 4 hari lagi....

Mari kita senyum sama2!!!!! ^_^

senyum dalam stress untuk meredakan stress..okay stop apa2 jelh sakeenah berjela2 comment blog org...

Dr Mom said...

must be a physics joke. lain tak paham. hehehe mcm medic lain menonong aje tak paham.

argh tensen kan final year exam..cepat la abis..saspen je lebih

muna khaider said...

kak aliya.. haha.. yeke tak faham.. hhuhu.. mungkinla.. syok sendri je ek, igtkan takdela physics sgt org leh faham huhu..

tu la.. tak sabar nak abes final.. all the best kak!!!