Friday, October 30, 2009

I've been talking to potential supervisors since weeks ago and up to today I've met 4 supervisors at melbourne uni and one at the RMIT. Monash is too far and exam is too near. I don't know when I can go there. I'm still waiting for some who hasn't replied my email.

All these honours stuff, are scary. I don't have the confidence, honestly. Language has been the major barrier. Because what we need to have is a lot of discussion. And throwing ideas. And making them to understand what I want, what I mean, what I intend to say. And for me to follow their train of thoughts, their elaboration, their enthusiasm on their projects. And personally, it's been hard. And yea I admit openly that my english not not good at all.

I'm not enthusiastic at all about doing the research projects. They are all too complex and need a lot of hard work. I'm just enthusiastic about staying here for another year. Just that. Just that can motivate me in go ahead with the application (and of course, the email MOE sent, that sets unless we really can't do it with concrete reasons, we have to do honours!).

Why am I writing all these?

The focus now is the exam. Kalau semangat macammana pun nak buat honours, kalau tak pass exam. tak bleh jugak!

Saja tulis, sebab rasa down. Lagi dan lagi.

Jap lagi delete la.

Smile eh!


uswah said...

hehe..stay la for another year.. karang boleh grad lagi tahun depan.. n maybe time tu mama abah boleh dtg!

muna khaider said...

tu ar.. mmg la nak stay.. tapi susah la suwah.. doakan la..

tu ar, munah piker gak, maybe next year grad abah mama leh dtg..hehe

muna khaider said...
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