Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I need a pair of ears. Willing and non-judgemental ears.

I need to let out all of these chaos inside. I need to be listened to as I talk and talk.

I need a pair of eyes. To which I allow myself to be seen as weak.

I need to be watched over as I cry and cry.

.. and be hugged. And be calmed.


Oh Allah how I miss you ...
I need to be listened to, I need to be watched over ...
I need YOU.

... and I know you are always here.
Listening, watching ... keeping me safe, keeping me sane.

I know, but I am not feeling it,

I miss YOU.
I miss YOU.
I miss YOU.


Ya As-Sami' ...
Ya Al-Basir ...
Ya Al-Raqib ...


Mu'min tu tak tensi kan?

10 days.

And suddenly rasa macam nak abandon everything and go back to the impossible.

Whatever that means.



Thuaibah said...

Salam Muna~~
Saya pernah rasa perasaan ini ketika mahu membuat keputusan besar ini. Rasa nak meletup dan tak tahu nak mengadu kat sape...menangis dan tidak boleh nak fokus dekat benda lain...feel so weeaaakkkk...

Saat ini, ""bicara dan bicara"" dengan ALLAH sangat banyak membantu..insyALLAH.

SumaiyyahAbidah said...


I'm just a passer-by, but I cannot help but be touched by your words here. It speaks to me- probably because I feel trapped in my own troubles as well.

Whatever it is, I pray that Allah guides us all. We are NOTHING without Him.