Sunday, May 22, 2011


Knowing that a person like Ustazah Yoyoh Yusroh existed, made me feel worthless.

I always feel like complaining. All the times. About everything. Nothing is right, no one really understand, no task is easy, no time for anything...

And now I feel invalid. I have no right to complain.

Takde alasan untuk tak buat all these, you know, Muna... Takde alasan nak kata tak mampu. Takde alasan nak kata you've tried your best.



A much needed tazkirah just when you feel content.

Entah pengakhiran yang macammana bakal menemuiku..
Akan dipandangkah aku oleh Allah.. jika sosok-sosok hebat seperti ini yang mengelilingi? takde can... takde can la...

Syurga itu mahal..

Mujahadah itu bayarannya...

Harta, jiwa.. segalanya...

Baru sedikit... not even a pinch that I can rival with...

Oh Allah...



Don't know what I'm talking about? google that name above.

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