Sunday, February 21, 2016

245: allergies

Yusra is down with fever. She is also having cough and makes the wheezing sounds when she breathes. Today was her first time getting the nebulizer. Our first time, actually. I never had any encounter with the nebulizer before, nor had Kauthar or hubby. I asked the doc whether it is asthma, she said, we cant say that yet. If it happens more than thrice a year, then maybe we can move to that diagnosis. But for now, not yet.

Actually I occasionally had that kind of wheezy breathing. But it happened quite rarely. Once when I felt suffocated because we burnt the mosquitos ring insect repellant thingy, whatever we call it. I dont know why, but I just cant smell it. Another time was when I had too much mangoes... hihi. Guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I am quite worried but I pray to Allah it wont get any worse. I had history with severy eczema. Asthma and eczema are related I believed. Kauthar had eczema before she reached a year old. Hmm, hopefully this is just a normal sickness for growing toddler.

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