Wednesday, February 24, 2016

246: Routine

Being a teacher is a constant struggle between perfectly plan your lesson / completing all the clerical works in your free time and just taking a break after screaming for one hour non-stop. I work in the afternoon session so I punch in at 12.30 pm and punch out at 6.45 pm. That's about 6 hours of works and of course in a day, the maximum lessons that we have to attend to are 7 periods that are equals to 3 and a half hours. (1 period = 30 mins) So we have so much free time, people say.

I don't know, I guess like any other jobs, you won't know what it's like unless you do it yourself.

Like right now, we are having our sports day on Thursday. So all the teachers and students are busy with sports day preparation. I have to make the mascot, from scratch and that's what Im using my free time for, right now. Finishing the mascot at home is just out of questions. Beside that, I have to look over the PBSM students, making sure they got their uniform for sports day, managing their practice session etc2. Then at the same time I have to prepare the test paper for our formative test that will happen in less than 2 weeks time! And, at the same time! next week we are starting extra classes for KRK students so I have to prepare the jadual giliran and bahan etc2. Its never ending. These are all extra works on top of tugas hakiki planning lesson and conducting classes. That itself is major task for me, as well. I mean, walaupun dah 5 tahun jd cikgu, i still need to sit down n really plan my lesson. Kalau tak, mmg class will be haywired.

Anyway, this is not complaining. Just documenting.  Haha

Apepun, do more, judge less. Peace yo!

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