Wednesday, August 6, 2008

23: Student life

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

This week is my second week of second semester of second year. Hah. Menarek. So far, so good. Have had 2 physics laboratory sessions which weren't so stressful compared to last year's lab since every experiment is divided into 2 part, 3 hours on Monday, and 3 hours on Tuesday.. so, no pressure (well, at least not so much la) in completing the lab report. And also I got a fellow MOE scholar as a partner, who is a female! so we understand each other more than anyone else.. heh. Takdela terase tak pandai sangat, or inferior sgt, or tak reti nak terangkan our part to our partner. Boleh cakap malaaay saje.. which is not very good in a way.. tapi yg penting memudahkan dari segi menyiapkan kerja-kerja kami... oh ye, in the lab, my partner and I are the only females.. other than our demostrator. Standard la physics...

This is our first experiment: Rutherford scattering..

Physics experiments semuanya amat 'kering' if you know what i mean.......

Heh, sorrylah if I bore you tentang perkara study.. Saje .. dah lama tak tulis tentang student life ini..

This sem, I take 4 subjects.. there are..
  • Electromagnetism & Relativity
  • Further Classical & Quantum Mechanics
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Laboratory
I don't find Electromagnetism interesting, yet. Huhu. Because it is highly and mostly mathematics.. which is an area I'm not very good at! Further Classical Mechanics pun! Full of formula derivations in every class.. every class where I never fail, up to today, to fall asleep.. huhu. Hopefully the next class will be more to my liking..

Oh yeah, we learn the electromagnetism and classical mechanics part first... later in the semester baru lah masuk relativity and quantum mechanics (tukar different lecturer).

Tak best, because we're not learning so much of physics (yet, kot)..

I want to feel alive! not just a writing and calculating robot..

An ayat for us to ponder together :) .. from my favorite surah..


Aneesah said...

Kesenangan yang menipu... too true. =[ (Baru lepas tengok Oprah, about two cancer patients who are probably the most optimistic optimists I've ever come across. =o So slight emo mood right now. XD)

Sorry I haven't commented for so long, Mai! Haha, "kering" as in literally or metaphorically? ;P Even during A-Levels we usually ended up main-main in Physics lab.

I understand that calculating robot thing, memang tak best. =\ But we all have to go through things that we don't particularly enjoy.. =)

cIk iN said...

boringnyer subjek2 anda itu..hehe
(sbb sy tak minat fizik!)
nak tahu subjek sy tak? (sj nk promote: pharmacology,pharmaceutical microbiology, biopharmaceutics, pharmacy practice and medicinal chemistry) hihi...

thanks for the ayat mai..
'kehidupan dunia hanyalah permainan dan suatu yg melalaikan..' ohh...

muna khaider said...

ANEESAH: wah, dah lame tak tgk oprah.. sob2.. kehidupan without tv.. heh.. not so bad tho..

heh.. physics kering as in amat kering.. kalau lab bio or chemistry kan macam byk deal with microb, liquid and stuff like that kan.. huhu, in physics pulak byk deal with alatan2 electronics and also bende2 beso yang memerlukan tenaga utk dikendalikan.. hehehe..

Cik In: Ironic nye.. boring lagi subject anda.. haha