Friday, August 29, 2008

29: Fight

I'm fighting,
can you see I'm fighting,
with this chained soul,
refusing defeat!

I'm fighting, I'm fighting,
because truly, really, seriously,
I want the independence,
free from the selfishness

It cries, I cry,
because it has become my norm,
the norm that defines my life,
then now it's killing me..

Kebiasaan itu menjadi hidupku..
lalu ia membunuhku..


Dan dia menangis, aku menangis,
kerana ia adalah kebiasaanku,
dan kebiasaan itu menjadi HIDUPku,
lalu ia membunuhku~

I'm fighting, can you see I'm fighting,
refusing defeat..


Oh Allah, never let me go..
La quwwata illa billah~