Thursday, December 10, 2009

143: Oh, its 143, I Love You.

All praise is due to Allah. Ar-Razzaq. Al-Fattah. Al-Hakeem. Al-Waduud.

Surreal it is. Now I am not sure of what to write. It's easier to just put photos, then I can leave the flow of the story to audience's guesses. I felt reluctant to write before, since there wasn't much to write anyway, except the fact that I was so worried. Result result result.

Is this the end of this chapter called "My Melbourne Story" ? Only He knows. I am still hoping for acceptance into Honours year. Whatever is best, oh Allah.

So, no, I'm not going back to Malaysia yet, not this month. I'm gonna have to... wait.

3 years, and here I am.

I'm graduating with Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physics, from the University of Melbourne.

All praise is due to Allah.


أم الليث said...

tahniah muna...
kejap je rasa...rasa cam muna baru start 1st year hee hee

when is ur grad again? (mana tau, bleh singgah :P)

muna khaider said...

huhu tula kak aliya, kejap je rase semenanye.. 3 years.

ana grad 17 dec, 2.30 pm. singgah2la kalau sempat kak before or after tu :D.. tapi ustzh azimah balik hr tu kan? kalau sempat la kak.