Wednesday, May 5, 2010

160: Random

Thank you dear adiks for the treat..

Ape-apelah ui~

I hate the walk to class. It's too busy. Too noisy. You can see Victoria Market there..

Multi-million dollar project :p cikai tak cikai my hons project. Heh, just kidding. This is just me preparing the glass slides for my use in electron microscopy..


Alif said...

Hate the noisy Melbourne?

Pindah la Adelaide. The noise level here is better.

But you have to use Barter instead of EFTPOS.

muna khaider said...

i appreciate a bit of civilization thank you

أم الليث said...

LOL adelaide takde civilisation ke?

rindu lak kat lab bila tgh muna punya balang2 tuh. see, nama pun tak ingat..dahsyat. akak buat labwork masa research year. i kinda enjoyed it. buat PCR, electrophoresis, DNA extraction. seronok guna pipette!

maybe i'll be a pathologist one day.