Thursday, May 13, 2010

163: The return of Modulus

Oh Allah forgive me... inni zholamtu nafsi..

I need to submit the reviews for 10 papers tomorrow.... but I have done none. NONE. I was/am struggling to make sense of the articles... dah baca bape round still tak make sense.. macammana nak summarize??

Then my mind is preoccupied by unnecessary stuff. Oh Allah help me get rid of all these thoughts. At least for now. Tak payah risau bende2 yg tak pasti tu dik oi~ It's distracting! sangat...

And I've wasted yesterday since I was down with fever and couldn't get anything done... tula, procrastinate lagi!!

Oh Allah forgive me... aku menzalimi diriku sendiri... :((


Huhu nanges baca ayat ni.. Oh Allah.. thank you... :'(

Okay positive!!!!

Boleh siap esok dgn jayanya insyaAllah!!!



1 comment:

nadia al-akmal said...

Hope you are feeling better dear. Funny enough I was down with a really bad headache the week before I need to submit my assignment too. Tarbiyah dari Allah. Boleh datang macam2 rupe. :)

Get well soon! <3