Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When I pass I don’t want to leave a life of regret
So I give rise to change today by trying not to forget
That pleasures do pass and sunrises end and stars do fade away
But it’s love and it’s virtue and honor and truth that remain for all days


I want that final breath to be the sweetest of all
And it will be with certainty if I answer the call
To help all those in need and decipher the meaning of life
Cause the seekers of truth they fear not death any more than they fear life


Tetiber hari ni teringat lyrics Kareem Salama ni..
I often need reminders...

Satria ESQ, go go go! Satria ESQ, fight fight fight! Satria ESQ, win win win!!!

heh, taksal....


Aneesah said...

Suka lagu itu. :)

Oh every time kena chant that dulu2, rasa pelik. Because my dad's name is Satriya. =_=

muna khaider said...

haha aneesah.. yep that's awkward (im imagining chanting my dad's name ehhehe) ..

kareem salama best:D