Friday, October 10, 2008

41: Sekolah

The Clock tower taken around the Old Arts buidling. Spring!

Week 9 ended today. Special relativity test was held last tuesday. We got the marks back today. First thing the tutor said when all of us grabbed our tests at the front was "Don't cry! everyone did quite badly!" One of us came in quite late and when he took his paper, he went "OH MY GOD!" loudly. Helpful. Exactly what everyone else felt. Semua either senyum or ketawa, empathy.

I'm not sure what was my mind condition at the time of the test. Can you all see the above picture? My tutor wrote "Please tell me that this is a joke!" .. this is regarding one of my bizzare answer. Baru sekarang tersedar how stupid the mistake was. Huhu. Termalu sendiri.

From this week on, I'll have test every week, sampai swot vac. 13/10 , 20/10, 24/10 and another one has not yet been set. And not forgetting the very stressful process of finishing lab report every monday and tuesday.

Standard la kan, student life! Enough whining , start studying!!

My lovely uni~ huhu.


Ummu Layth said...

hehehehe this is a new thing. kitorang tak pernah dpt balik exam/test papers. sabar je la examiner tu tulis camtu..hehehe. kelaka pun ada.

Aliya Khair said...

tahukah anda?
Nuha dah ade blog!! jakon x jakon!! haha

muna khaider said...

kak aliya: heh, bile dapat kertas balik cam nak nanges, ble tgk komen, nak tergelak pulak.. huhu.

Korg tak dpt test balik? camne nak revise kalau g2? tak bincang solution ke pastu?

aliya: mane ade? tade pun munah cube tekan??