Wednesday, October 15, 2008

44: Some photos

Salam! Saya Lollipop binti Chesty

Saya pula Husky Dusky binti Chesty

They are 2 of 4 Chesty's kittens. Lagi 2 are Cloud and Sky, yang kurang peramah dan garang. Seekor jingga, seekor lagi kelabu. 4 kittens yang lain-lain warna.. comel!

Tapi I'm still not used to cats. Masih banyak teragak-agak. Tak reti nak pegang, and most importantly, masih rasa geli yang tak reti camna nak hilangkan.

Setiap kali pegang kucing, mesti rasa macam takleh pegang benda lain dah.

I'll get used to it. Alah bisa tegal biase, kan? Huhu.

This week experiment. Determining the e/m (Charge to mass ratio). So we used electron gun yang mengeluarkan electron beam (nampak tak?) and accelerate the beam in a constant magnetic field..ingat tak kawan2? v (velocity) cross B (magnetic field), we'll get force perpendicular to both vectors v and B.. tu yang dia traversed in circular path ... kira-kira-kira sampai dapat e/m ..

The electron beam. Boleh nampak sebab actually guna helium gas yang dah diionized. Adelah process berlaku yang menyebabkan the gas actually glowed.

Ye, saya jakun sebab beam tu lawo.


I miss writing a good post.


mujahidah said...


but u still managed to write good thing and frequently update blog~!

Aneesah said...

Hahaha, why the name Chesty? ^^; I think kat rumah dulu there was a cat we named Cloudy too. The grey-white one. But kittens sangat comel lah, watpe nak geli~ XD They're sooooooo fwuffyyyy. And squishable. Although you just don't squish them. =P

Heh, I (vaguely) remember the electromagnetic stuff... E=Blv yea? Or something like that. It's so wasteful, forgetting what I've learned, but I guess the brain needs to make space for new stuff. =_= And actually niat belajar all those Physics stuff pun was because of A-Levels. After that, hilanglah. =(

(I'm in the UK already, by the way. Have I told you? Lupelah. =/ )

muna khaider said...

mujahidah: huhu, yeke? kalau frequent updates tapi entah pape je, tak bgus juga :(

aneesah: haha.. semua orang pun comment the name! obscene, many said. Teehee.. tapi nak wat camne.. the previous owner mmg bagi nama tu.. something to do with bulu putih tebal kat dada dia which is not really evident actually..nak tukar takut jadi identity crisis pula kucing tu, we did try to change it to Chelsea.. tapi tak lekat.. kejap je panggil chesty balik.. huhu..

kittens tak geli sgt berbanding the real kucing beso (which is chesty) huhu.. tapi tula.. lame2 akan biase kot..

heh, byk je formula kot.. but in this particular experiment we used F=VxB

Oh yeah I'm aware that you're already in Kent! huhu.. I read your post but didn't leave any comment! my bad.. huhu.. sangat exciting! I love reading ur posts semua.. keep on posting about your life there tau!.. walaupun I don't comment, I'll surely read it! aa..kene rajin sikit meninggalkan komen kat posts orang.. huhu.