Wednesday, October 29, 2008

48: Deviation

An entry made for my deviantart site. :)
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We had our last physics lab session for this year last Monday. So it was quite relaxing. After accumulated all the data needed, there were still much time left. Writing the report was such a boring process, and we could even bring it back home. I was planning to do it at home. So, we still got plenty of time. I felt bored and started drawing on the last page of the lab report logbook. Suddenly our lab instructor came, and as I didn't realize she's approaching, I didn't have enough time to hide the drawing.

She suddenly asked "Hey, what's that?"
I hurriedly flipped the book over to the page of my current report. I thought she was going to scold me. "Oh nothing.. just some sketch.. "

She quickly grabbed my book and looked at my drawing. "Wow! you can draw so well! This is fantastic! Oh so pretty!!" (I think she was exaggerating)

I was quite surprised. Then we talked a bit, turns out she also loves arts, and used to paint, etc, stuff like that.

What left me thinking till today was her last word before we proceeded with our lab "Hah, you're so talented, and look what you do now! wasting you time on Physics!" I think she echoed it to herself. (She came back to me after a while said something like why don't I do something about it? like short courses or nething..)

Heh, I don't know. I would be lying if I say I never thought of taking arts or anything related to it. But after a while, I come to realize that what happened is the best thing that should happen. Isn't everything determined by Him? And He's the best planner, so everything that happened is the best. Because Allah the Almighty wouldn't set something that's second best, let alone something worse. (can you understand what i mean?, right about now I feel like biting my English language skill, ah, if only it is something material)

I'm not saying this just to alleviate myself. Really. For I really love whatever that's happening in my life until now. If I chose arts over physics (years ago), I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be able to fully realized the meaning of this transient life. Like, really!! And of course, this is specifically for me. And Allah has set such unique plan for each and everyone of us. Everyone is different in their own way. Not all path suits everyone. So guys, truly, really, seriously, be happy and thank Allah for the life we're living right now. It's actually so sweeeeet of Him. This life is a gift from Him.

And if we take the initiative to ponder on everything that's been happening in our life, take lessons from it, and take the initiative to learn more, we can actually be the best person, more importantly, be the one who Allah pleases. And that's what matters, right?

And just because you can draw, doesn't mean you need to be an artist. (as in working as an artist or work related to that). Physics itself is one beautiful area. There's art in everything . For Allah the Most Beautiful loves beauty!

What's more important is that we make sure whatever we're doing, it is still in the circle (?) of Syari'ah.

As for me, I'll keep on drawing as long as Allah permits


aisyah said...

akak spm di smih jb ke?cerita la skit cmna akak boleh end up di negara org tu..i'm an outsider..bukan org2 dari social circle b'minat dgn penulisan akak.

Anonymous said...

nice entry,i always like your post in 100% english,tapi rojak sedap gak.

anyhow,i think your demonstrator's compliment is inspiring.kalo bosan ke lukis ar muke aku,buat hadiah besday,pos summer ni okeh.

-teka lah sape-

mardhiyyah mohd pauzi. said...

sape la eh yang suh teka tu.aku kot..

biskut marie said...

" geds2 betul anonymous ni." kata anonymous kpd anonymous. heh.

muna khaider said...

aisyah: yup2, akk spm 2004. Awak smih jugak ke? outsider? jgn ckp gitu.. akk kwn ngan semua org :)my social circle is infinitely large. glad that you like my writing. Heh, camna bleh ended up here? Oh, lepas keluar result SPM, isi borang UPU, apply la PPC (Program pelajar cemerlang luar negara) Kementerian Pelajaran utk jadi cikgu fizik. Pastu tak brape lame, gi interview.. then dpt offer, pastu buat persediaan setahun setengah, then pergila melbourne nih.. begitulah serba ringkas. Heh.. nak tau lagi? bg la emel.. boleh kte crite panjang2 ;) emel akk: . Ke maksud awk nak suruh crite kat blog?

mar: cis mar. thanks mar ;)

muna khaider said...

biskut marie aka in: heh *hi5!*

mardhiyyah mohd pauzi. said...

biskut:xyah la gune biskut,pakai nickname muffin ok gak

munakhaider:lepas cis thanks pulak.aku pun nak jawab welcome cheesedale..

ano:mesti awk ni cmey..siap suh lukis..

aku:konpius ni blog sape..haha..siap jwn reply komen2 ni..

biskut marie said...

huh? mmg takde keje si Mar ni. muffin? tak best.

"awak mesti comey kan!" kata anonymous kpd anonymous.. kihkih..

sori moon. rest from microb sat.

bakat terpendam ialah memasak said...

ooooooooooo rupenye hosmet-hosmet sy suka comment mengomment. huhhu cyber house