Monday, May 4, 2009

92: Baba Ali

Last Sunday my housemates and I were given the chance to attend this:

What can I say? I had a culture shock. Heh. This was my first time attending such event. Stand-up comedy stuff. Not all will agree to such events I guess. The seats are not segregated. And there were lots of laughter, hand-clapping, and hu-ha hu-ha things. 

On the stage, from left: Muhammad El-Leissy, Baba Ali, Khalid Khalafalla, Scott Fraser (He's a revert) and Nazeem Hussain (the host that night)...

Nevertheless, it was one memorable and great event! Baba Ali was as funny as he was in his videos. And we got to see some other local Muslim comedians. And its quite a relief when their jokes weren't exegeratted. Baba Ali did mention something like, "we can make jokes, but we will never lie or make something up.. all the events/jokes I tell are all based on true events.. I don't lie" or something along that line.

Those who don't know who Baba Ali is, go search his videos at youtube. You don't know what you've missed!

p/s: you might notice my picture quality is getting worse. My phone's camera dah rosak sket kot sebab phone tu asik jatuh je.. call orang pun dah tak betul. Sigh.. I need a new camera, at least before our trip to New Zealand!


Aneesah said...

Ahh, you got to watch him LIVE?! Bestnyeee. So jealous. He's hilarious. x) Do you remember some of his jokes? ^^

muna khaider said...

hehe.. best2.. banyakla jokes dia..

one part is: 5 things you mustn't do, or THEY WILL THROW YOU OUT OF THE FLIGHT! (Baba Ali actually asked us all to shout that capitalized part every time after he told us the things that we musnt do) .. haha. one of them is... don't say hi excitedly to someone named Jack. Haha... and another one, "wearing hijab is fine, having beard is fine.. but wearing hijab AND have beard is not fine" .. haha entah hapa2..

another jokes (bukannye jokes pun, dia tell story dengan kelakarnya with expressions n all).. how when he was in college, he prayed with his friend, and his other friend came and ask them what they were doing and follow them with his eyes closely for every rukun.. like when they sujud "Are you guys okay??!" and bangun , and sujud again.. "Oh no! I have to call someone for help!!" ..

part yg paling dengar byk laughter is probably the part when he told the difference between men and women. Haha.. sgt betul je most of them. How when girls are sitting together, when one of them nak g toilet akan annouce, and then semua pun akan g together.. and it became a social event: toilet visit. And kalau men, takkan bg tau pun, die akan blah camtu je and kat toilet semua senyap macam tak kenal sapa2, not even toleh kiri kana walaupun ada kawan skali in there.. tapi bila keluar things are back to normal.. and oso, he mentioned how amazing girls can multi-task! hehe

and how Baba Ali ketawakan sorang audience ni banyak kali sebab delayed laughter.. haha.. like that particular audience asik ketawa lambat je..

wah byk lagi jokes.. but i'll end up making another blog post here.. haha.. tapi mmg best la baba ali.. jokes dia sgt kelakar tapi sgt berkesan oso when he wanted to tegur us kan2..


nadia al-akmal said...

I can't believe me eyes! You actually went to see THE Baba Ali?

Saya super, super, super jealous!

Diorang buat kat Sydney mase saye tgh horror buat assignment. AAA!

Jealousnye... Then again, maybe it's not my luck to see him live anyway. uhuhuhu... ;(

hood@sunny said...

bestnye dpt tgk live~
cara dakwah dan teguran byk..
kita yg kene kreatif dan memanipulasi potensi diri..
adess, aku kategori mana eh?

salam from west nile delta :P

muna khaider said...

hehe,. bila pergi ni the one i asik teringat aje is you :P ..i know you'll be jealous. haha..

hehe.. benar2 :)
salam dari down under! :D

afrah-sefia said...


beshnye...i so so so like his vids...oh,knpe la xde org nk singgah adelaide *sniff*sniff*

i knoe i'm supposed to be doing my report..but i juz can't resist commenting on this post~ @_@

wah-- tickle me! ^.^