Tuesday, May 27, 2008

11: Never Lose Hope

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..
This morning I read something that makes me wonder ..
"While reading Jim McLane and Nancy Atkinson’s thoughts on Space Colonization, I started to realize that we ‘ALL’ have lost our way. We have become so consumed by petty differences and dislikes of others that we all have forgotten our pre destiny of something better."
Hmm. Yes, I agree. So many of us have lost our way. And many still cannot find the way out of the darkness, the lost. People become frustrated. So frustrated with everything, and nothing make sense anymore!

Frustration do this to people. And I admire people who never surrender to their frustration. And they do something about it. They never give up hope. Still have hope.. that this world, despite all the failures, all the injustice, all the skewness, all the up-side-downness (if there's such a word), this world still has hope....

Semoga mereka mendapat hidayah Allah... and find their way.

Bagi kita yang sudah jumpa.. semoga ISTIQAMAH.. dan perkuatkan MUJAHADAH!

There's no short cut.. and it's gonna be a very looooong journey. Fasbir dan berimanlah dengan janji Allah!

It's so easy to go astray.. we'll never know.. it's so easy to lose (ke lost? oh no.. my english!) our way.. we'll never know..
"Show us the straight way,the way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray..." (1:6-7)
p/s: Exam-mode is on.


Anonymous said...

salam mai darling!!
how are you? hopefully sihat nak menjelang exam ni...insyallah..=)
kita dis week last week of d sem n my 1st paper is exactly in 2 weeks time!! =S
how bout u? assignments and essays done? all the best in everything...miss u too!


wanie said...

SALAM MAI....ana add link nti ye

wanie sk:)

muna khaider said...

syida: syida! heh.. kte sihat je.. mentally tak pasti la :p .. hehe..oh.. my fes paper pun in 2 weeks time! 12th june to be exact. when's ur fes paper? Alhamdulillah semua assignments dah hantar.. tinggal another one final essay! wish the best for me, k! all the best for you to!! semoga di beri keberkatan waktu n kefahaman!

wanie: sila2! wah2 diam2 die berbelog ;) lame tak dengo kabo anti!